Re-purposing an iconic Australian brand

Sector: Retail
Expertise: Brand / Purpose

“Over the last three years GSG have held the responsibility for our strategic customer insights. They have interacted with our entire senior team to ensure strong relevant plans are in place and continuous monitors are used to measure success and opportunities. The best way to describe the model we have with GSG is that they provide an internal consulting model with a true integration. Their skill is such that we require no other research or planning partners and GSG provide all our consumer insights.
The transformation of our business to triple our bottom line and rebuild the infrastructure has been founded on our customer insights proved by, measured by, and advocated through the business by our partners at GSG.”
Bernie Brookes – Former CEO, Myer



Myer, Australia’s leading department store retailer, wanted to make sure they were ready for changing market conditions. Our challenge was to undertake an audit of brand/branding strength and influence, as a prelude to a more aggressive marketing investment.


Competitive market analysis and targeted shopper studies led to clarification of the brand promise. Significant restructure of divisional responsibilities was undertaken to enable customer focus and more effective use of marketing funds.


The board approved GSG brand development recommendations which lead to subsequent improvements in efficiency and marketing investments.  As a result, GSG played an on-going partnership role with the client in marketing strategy development and in the implementation direction and monitoring of the brand.