Reimagining future retail

Sector: Retail/Leisure
Expertise: Growth transformation


Tabcorp is one of the largest wagering businesses in the world with its iconic TAB brand a quintessential element of many 1000s of Australian pubs and clubs in Victoria and NSW. The entry into the Australian market of digital-only competitors, such as Ladbrokes and William Hill, challenged the TAB proposition to retail partners.  Our challenge was to question the TAB proposition relevance in this new market and find a 3 year strategy and plan that could secure and grow Tabcorp’s retail position.


We found the ‘factor X’ of what a TAB customer experience offers its customers and channel partners against ‘pure play’ digital competitors.  This translated to a new model for channel partners and a plan that helped bring a unifying, motivating and achievable view of future success for the retail business and a set of strategic initiatives to help grow venue visitation.

Extensive consultation across the business, industry stakeholders, and workshops with groups of customers and channel partners, helped us create a robust fact base and uncovered critical insights to drive the development of a growth strategy plan, to enable progressive implementation and to generate buy-in.


A ‘Future retail’ model and roadmap of initiatives to take to market across a varied 3000+ retail footprint.