Too much choice: another roadblock to growth

Written by Kevin Luscombe AM | June, 2017

There has been wide business news coverage for the repeated assertion from Coles’ CEO, John Durkan, that Australian grocery prices are still too high, based on global comparisons.   No doubt that suppliers to...

  • Chatbots – a new way to customer service

    Johnny Wen | June, 2017

    When was the last time you emailed an organisation for an inquiry, or phoned them about an unpleasant experience but ended up going through a chain of funnels?   If you are like most of us, not long ago.   But that is...

  • Amazon: Bring it on

    Luke White | April, 2017

    Businesses can be built a lot quicker in 21st century economies, where change operates on a daily basis. A significant change which has fundamentally disrupted traditional business operating models over the last few decades is...

  • Customer led growth – Simple but not easy 

    Graeme Chipp | April, 2017

    Companies today have a growth imperative – shareholders and boards demand it. And CEOs and business leaders seek to drive it. But the path to growth is littered with challenges large and small.   At GSG, we tackle this...



A Growth Conversation

Back in 2007, when we first published ‘Marketing in the Boardroom’, our client work focused on embedding the essential market focused disciplines and culture required for achieving and sustaining growth.  

Over the years, we have been delighted to have our book sought out by a number of leading company directors.

Today’s competitive environment presents new challenges with consumers presented with more choice and switching power than ever before from competitive business models.  Market disruption is the ‘new normal’.

Yet strangely, many of the essential disciplines of growth remain. Understanding your customer, their purchase context and motivations, applying imaginative and commercial skills to creating new sources of consumer value and continuing to be even more agile in how we manage change.

It’s in this context, we thought we’d publish selected chapters from ‘Marketing in the Boardroom’.  While always the context is changing, many natural laws of human behaviour have not.  We encourage you to read and respond with your own thoughts and experiences. 

– Graeme Chipp, Managing Director at Growth Solutions Group